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Industrial IoT Devices

Every industrial site is now the home to a myriad of sensors and connected devices to help production run more smoothly. These devices could be PLC and ICS/SCADA devices to run production lines, track movements or countless other things that have become common in modern industrial space. The problem is that securing, maintaining, and managing these various connected devices has always been exceedingly difficult. IoTSecure has developed our solution from the ground up to work with these devices without causing any problems or interference.

ICS/SCADA Security

Industrial Control Systems are controlling some of the world’s most important resources. These devices can be found everywhere, from power plants to oil and gas production, with plenty of others in the mix. Unfortunately for the world and those that are supposed to manage these devices, they are challenging to monitor, secure, and maintain. This is why IoTSecure developed our IoT Security Appliances to help you gain and maintain control over ALL of your network-connected devices.

Shadow I.T.

Shadow IT, defined as unknown endpoints on a network, is a significant problem most networks face. However, a device doesn’t need to have been placed with nefarious intent to pose a threat to other devices and computers on the same network. To combat this problem, IT Asset Inventories are crucial. IoTSecure’s solution will help you get complete, accurate, and up-to-date inventories to find the unexpected, unknown, and unmanaged devices on your network before malicious actors do.

IT Asset Management

For as long as network security standards have existed, the first and most important aspect is the control and management of those assets. Because of the core nature of this tenant, the tools that do this for traditional IT endpoints, like servers and workstations, are well-made and do the job well. But, when you look at the litany of other endpoints on a modern network, like IoT, OT, ICS/SCADA, BioMed, and the endless list of “smart” devices, these traditional tools do not do such a good job. Find out what is on your network, EVERYTHING, today with IoTSecure.

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World’s Top Gold Mining & Processing Company Trusts IoTSecure

The World’s Largest Gold Mining and Gold Processing Operation has Chosen IoTSecure™ to Automate all of their Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Internet of Things (IoT) Device Inventory and Security.

What Our Clients Say

Our OT networks are the heart of our business so it is critical that they are constantly monitored and protected from threats. We needed an agentless approach to know exactly what devices are on our networks, to safely detect vulnerabilities and to conduct continuous monitoring for anomalous activity. IoTSecure deployed in under 30 minutes and gave us the detailed device context to understand exactly what was connected to our network. We previously had to exclude devices from vulnerability scans because it crashed devices. But with IoTSecure’s PortSafe inspection we got a new capability to safely detect vulnerabilities on sensitive, critical OT devices without any device interference. We also got automated monitoring capabilities that require zero tuning and maintenance. IoTSecure significantly improved our visibility and security of our OT networks, and with 100% automation, it save us a lot of time.

IT Director
-Large Mining Company

Industrial is a Target
Protect Your OT Devices

The modern Industrial organization barely has a full I.T. team most of the time, IoTSecure developed our solution from the ground up to help make your systems, data, and network significantly more secure without spending significantly more time or money.

Under NO circumstances and in ZERO cases will ever EVER collect sensitive data of ANY kind form your network.

The IoTSecure does not collect packets, nor does it require any kind of TAP/SPAN or packet capture meaning we never send ANY sensitive data from your network to the CloudPortal®

While traditional vulnerability scanning and management tools are known to cause issues with IoT and other connected devices, like ICS/SCADA and PLCs, the IoTSecure was built from the ground up to work with non-traditional IT devices without causing them to crash or leaking sensitive data. The IoTSecure is safe to use on ANY network connected device.

When you run a manufacturing plant, or any kind of critical infrastructure uptime is one of the most important factors. IoTSecure is designed to ensure you never have any major issues and will alert you before any major incidents happen so you can proactively mitigate and fix the issues before they cost you and your company time and money.

IoTSecure’s solution can take a baseline of any connected devices expected and normal behavior. Whenever a device begins acting abnormally IoTSecure will alert you or whoever is designated of the anomaly (which often means it was compromised). Additionally if IoTSecure is connected to your networking equipment via our API then we can actively block suspect traffic and even cut off misbehaving devices from the internet and the network.

Watch why IoTSecure is the right solution to help you get control of your connected and OT devices.

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