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Secure your Client’s IoT, Unmanaged, OT and BioMed devices for 50%-75% of the Costs vs. Competitors.

Shadow I.T.

Shadow IT, defined as unknown endpoints on a network, is a significant problem most networks face. However, a device doesn’t need to have been placed with nefarious intent to pose a threat to other devices and computers on the same network. To combat this problem, IT Asset Inventories are crucial. IoT Secure’s solution will help you get complete, accurate, and up-to-date inventories to find the unexpected, unknown, and unmanaged devices on your network before malicious actors do.

Assets Management

For as long as network security standards have existed, the first and most important aspect is the control and management of those assets. Because of the core nature of this tenant, the tools that do this for traditional IT endpoints, like servers and workstations, are well-made and do the job well. But, when you look at the litany of other endpoints on a modern network, like IoT, OT, ICS/SCADA, BioMed, and the endless list of “smart” devices, these traditional tools do not do such a good job. Find out what is on your network, EVERYTHING, today with IoT Secure.

IoT Vulnerability Detection

Any moderately mature IT security program has some kind of vulnerability management they do. Usually by running one of the well-known vulnerability scanners, like Nessus or Qualys, against all the systems on the network. The problem is that while these scanners are great at working with the systems they expect, servers, workstations, etc., they do not play well with other connected devices like IoT. IoT Secure saw this problem and developed our solution to help find these non-traditional devices specifically.

Unmanaged Devices

Most security programs are good at maintaining, monitoring, and securing their traditional endpoints (servers, Laptops, networking equipment, etc.). These more conventional devices can run software agents and be managed centrally with tools like Active Directory. However, IoT, OT, BioMed, and other connected devices are not so equipped. These less powerful endpoints can’t run agents, and their access cannot be managed centrally until now. IoT Secure has developed our solution from the ground up to help you manage and secure your unmanaged devices.

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Dodge County Hospital – Visibility, Security and Resources

IoT Secure continuously and safely checked devices for vulnerabilities and automatically monitored devices for anomalous and malicious communications without any tuning required.  This gave Dodge County team a near real-time view and alerting into devices at risk, as well as information on how to resolve the issues.

What Our Clients Say

Our responsibility to protect our client’s networks starts with having full visibility into what is on the network so we know what and how to protect it. Customers rarely have a good IT asset inventory and this problem is more compounded with unmanaged and IoT devices that don’t support endpoint agents. We wanted to close these gaps and started evaluating solutions. We found that IoT Secure had much better security capabilities and was much more cost-effective than its competitors, while giving us detailed visibility into all connected devices to help us better secure our customers. In addition, we didn’t need to ask customers to share their private data packets with an external vendor and it was a truly set it and forget it solution which made adoption and deployment of the technology much easier for us and our clients.

-Senior Manager
Big 5 Accounting Firm


IoT Secure is tailor-made to give service providers a hands-off and highly affordable solution to close unmanaged, IoT, OT and BioMed device security gaps on their client’s networks.

Under NO circumstances and in ZERO cases will ever EVER collect sensitive data of ANY kind form your network.

The IoT Secure does not collect packets, nor does it require any kind of TAP/SPAN or packet capture meaning we never send ANY sensitive data from your network to the CloudPortal®

Absolutely, the IoT-mini (which can monitor up to 10,000 devices) in inexpensive and you can have as many physical units connected to your account as you need. On top of this we can pipe ALL the data the IoT Secure collects to your current SIEM or ITSM solution to save you and your teams time.

Your customers rely on you to help the stay safe from attacks and avoid downtime. Accommplish both of these tasks with ease when you use IoT Secure. IoT Secure is designed to ensure you never have any major issues and will alert you before any major incidents happen so you can proactively mitigate and fix the issues before they cost you and your company time and money.

IoT Secure’s solution can take a baseline of any connected devices expected and normal behavior. Whenever a device begins acting abnormally IoT Secure will alert you or whoever is designated of the anomaly (which often means it was compromised). Additionally if IoT Secure is connected to your networking equipment via our API then we can actively block suspect traffic and even cut off misbehaving devices from the internet and the network.

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