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See & Secure ALL Your Connected Devices, Continuously, Without Agents, In Minutes! 

You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See

Do you know what students, staff or other departments are connecting to the network at all times? Having an up-to-date device inventory is a crucial first step to keep your network secure so you can find devices before malicious actors do. 

IoTSecure’s solution gives you continuous and detailed visibility into all devices on your network including unexpected, unknown, and unmanaged devices. What’s more, it identifies them by device category & type, manufacturer, OS, network, open ports and more so you have detailed context for decision making.

Close Traditional Vulnerability Scanner Gaps

The problem with traditional vulnerability and network scanners is that they:
1. are not safe for all devices and can crash them leaving them untested and potentially vulnerable,
2. don’t run as devices connect so they can miss devices that are not on the network when they run,
3. they can miss vulnerabilities on IoT/OT devices because they were not designed to profile devices that don’t run endpoint agents or that may have no/few open ports that’s common with IoT/OT devices.

IoTSecure closes these gaps to give you immediate knowledge of vulnerabilities as devices connect, with the assurance of not interfering with or crashing even sensitive IoT/OT devices.

Automate Device Monitoring, Without Agents

Trying to monitor devices, especially ones that don’t run endpoint agents for automation, just doesn’t scale, creating blind spots on devices that are acting anomalously or maliciously.

IoTSecure completely automates device monitoring and does so without agents or any tuning whatsoever!

In addition, IoTSecure’s massive library of millions of profiled devices, along with rich security feeds, monitors devices with the context of knowing where they should/shouldn’t be going.

Automate Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation

Identifying and stopping malicious lateral movement is paramount to stopping hackers from compromising other IT assets or spreading ransomware. 

That’s why IoTSecure’s solution automates detection of malicious lateral movement on xIoT devices, then isolates any infected devices on the fly to help protect your network and data, and, it does so safely and without impact to the network. 


Large K-12 Texas School District Gets New Visibility, Security and Control of Connected Devices

IoTSecure helps to reduce risks and boost the school district’s security posture, inexpensively, in under one hour.

What Our Clients Say 

I’ve never seen a tool that gave such detailed visibility into devices and was as simple to deploy as IoTSecure.

IT Manager
K-12 School District

IoTSecure-Simple, Safe, Affordable

It’s simple – typically deploys in less than 1 hour with just 1 appliance, without agents or network TAP/SPAN ports 

It’s safe – no sensitive data collection, no device or network impact

It’s affordable – a small fraction of the cost vs. leading competitors.

IoTSecure’s device visibility and threat detection solution does not collect packets, nor does it require network TAP/SPAN ports or any packet capture, meaning no sensitive data is ever collected or sent to IoTSecure.

Absolutely, typically just 1 IoTSecure appliance is needed, regardless of the number of devices, VLANs or locations. On top of this we can feed our device and threat detail into your current tools like SIEM, NAC or ITSM to save you and your teams time.

Your students rely on you to help the stay safe from attacks and avoid downtime. Accomplish both of these tasks with ease when you use IoTSecure. IoTSecure is designed to ensure you never have any major issues and will alert you before any major incidents happen so you can proactively mitigate and fix the issues before they cost you and your company time and money.

The IoTSecure IoT-miniTM is a powerful 2″ square microserver that can provide an evaluation for up to 10,000 devices. It is a plug-n-play evaluation tool that deploys in 5 minutes by just connecting it to any ethernet jack on the network. The IoT-miniTM will:

  1. Discover, track and identify ALL devices on the network.
  2. Safely detect IoT-specific vulnerabilities that vulnerability scanners often miss

The IoT-miniTM is also aware of any new devices that connect to the network.  When new devices connect, the IoT-miniTM will also begin to profile them to be identified and checked for IoT vulnerabilities. Also, there are no agents to install, no network TAPs, and there is no tuning.

Watch why IoTSecure is the right solution to help you get control of your connected and IoT devices.

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