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Control against Unauthorized Device Connections to your Network

Shadow IT, defined as unknown endpoints on a network, is a significant problem most networks face. In today’s environment, unauthorized devices can easily be brought into your facility and be connected to your networks. These unmanaged devices which were never in your custody before may have vulnerabilities that can be used to exploit data and mission systems that not only belong to you but your government customers as well. To combat this problem, IT Asset Inventories are crucial. IoTSecure’s solution will help you get complete, accurate, and up-to-date inventories to find the unexpected, unknown, and unmanaged devices on your network before malicious actors do.

IT Asset Management

For as long as network security standards have existed, the first and most important aspect is the control and management of those assets. Because of the core nature of this tenant, the tools that do this for traditional IT endpoints, like servers and workstations, are well-made and do the job well. But, when you look at the litany of other endpoints on a modern network, like IoT, OT, ICS/SCADA, BioMed, and the endless list of “smart” devices, these traditional tools do not do such a good job. Find out what is on your network, EVERYTHING, today with IoTSecure.

Vulnerability Scan

Any moderately mature IT security program has some kind of vulnerability management they do. Usually by running one of the well-known vulnerability scanners, like Nessus or Qualys, against all the systems on the network. The problem is that while these scanners are great at working with the systems they expect, servers, workstations, etc., they do not play well with other connected devices like IoT. IoTSecure saw this problem and developed our solution to help find these non-traditional devices specifically and scan these devices, which may be connected to your mission critical applications and systems, without taking them offline.

Meet Compliance Frameworks in Monitoring your Unmanaged Devices

Most security programs are good at maintaining, monitoring, and securing their traditional endpoints (servers, Laptops, networking equipment, etc.), and they run software agents and leverage tools like Active Directory. However, these programs do not the same capability for IoT, OT, BioMed, and other connected devices. These less powerful endpoints can’t run agents, and their access cannot be managed centrally until now. IoTSecure is the premier solution to ensure compliance to the regulatory regimes you must adhere to in order to do business with the government. Our security appliances and solutions cover your business for controls under multiple frameworks, including NIST, CMMC, DFARS, etc.

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Federal Government Systems Provider – Visibility, Security and Resources

IoTSecure solution profiled all the devices on the network to give the I.T. director full visibility into what was on the network, identifying devices by device type so he could make decision about what to remove from the network, as well as what stayed and to which VLAN segment it should be assigned. After that, IoTSecure continuously and safely checked devices for vulnerabilities and automatically monitored devices for anomalous and malicious communications without any tuning required.

What Our Clients Say 

As part of CMMC compliance, I must a complete asset inventory, test all devices for vulnerabilities and monitor them for anomalous and malicious behavior. That was more easily done on devices that can be managed with agents.  But, with unmanaged, IoT and OT devices that don’t run agents, asset inventory and monitoring required much more time and effort, and we were left with untested devices because my scanner crashed them. This where IoTSecure delivers significant value.  Not on did they completely automate the whole process saving me countless hours of work, they enabled safe vulnerability detection that didn’t upset any devices, both of which filled gaps in my compliance program.

-IT Director
Defense and Aerospace Manufacturer

“The state DOT is very consciencous about finding and monitoring for threats that could compromise our network and data. This was especially challenging with unmanaged, IoT and OT devices that couldn’t run monitoring agents and that were resource-constrained and crashed when they were scanned. IoTSecure provided a completely automated solution that helped us solve these challenges and strengthen our security posture.

-IT Director
State Government Department of Transportation

Become MORE Secure Without More Money


The modern government organization barely has a full I.T. team most of the time, IoTSecure developed our solution from the ground up to help make your systems, data, and network significantly more secure without spending significantly more time or money.

Under NO circumstances and in ZERO cases will ever EVER collect sensitive data of ANY kind form your network.

The IoTSA does not collect packets, nor does it require any kind of TAP/SPAN or packet capture meaning we never send ANY sensitive data from your network to the CloudPortal®

While traditional vulnerability scanning and management tools are known to cause issues with IoT and other connected devices the IoTSA was built from the ground up to work with non-traditional IT devices without causing them to crash or leaking sensitive data. The IoTSA is safe to use on ANY network connected device.

In Government there are times when it is crucial to keep ALL data within a secured network. IoTSecure has a Private Node option wherein all data and scanning decisions are made locally on a specialized VM. If your data cannot  EVER leave the network we can still help you keep that network secure.

The IoTSecure IoT-miniTM is a free IoT security tool that makes it fast and easy to address common IoT security challenges. The IoT-mini is fits in the palm of your hand and runs off USB power connected to any ethernet jack on the network.The IoT-miniTM is completely automated. When you get your IoT-mini and connect it to the network, it will:

  1. Discover, track and identify IoT devices
  2. Safely detect IoT-specific vulnerabilities that vulnerability scanners often miss
  3. Summarize IoT inventory and vulnerabilities in the report

The IoT-miniTM is also aware of any new devices that connect to the network.  When new devices connect, the IoT-miniTM will also begin to profile them to be identified and checked for IoT vulnerabilities. Also, there are no agents to install, no network TAPs, and there is no tuning.

Watch why IoTSecure is the right solution to help you get control of your connected and IoT devices..

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