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overcome pitfalls with vulnerability scanning IoT devices

know when devices behave abnormally or maliciously

integrate with existing tools to manage & control IoT

The IoT SecureTM Difference

Reduce deployment, maintenance, risk & cost


Network TAP | SPAN ports or agents
network packet or sensitive data collection
network performance impact
device interference with active vulnerability inspection
tuning with passive monitoring
multiple appliances – a single appliance per enterprise
a fraction of the cost vs. competitive solutions

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Ensuring that your business is compliant with regulatory regimes like PCI-DSS, CMMC, NIST Cyber Security, or other controls that are mandated for your business are a difficult challenge.  The solutions out in the market are costly and difficult to implement in both resources, time and money.  

IoT Solutions

  • IoT Secure simplifies compliance for your business by delivering visibility into your asset inventory and providing an active alerting capability on those devices that become at-risk.
  • IoT Secure provides up to date resolution steps on remediating those devices that are at-risk and could jeopardize your adherence to compliance regimes, which is a risk your business cannot take.
  • The speed and ease of installation using our IoT Security Appliances is unmatched by any other solution in the market, and we guarantee an unbeatable high value/low cost ratio.


Asset inventory is a constant struggle for many organizations. Inventorying assets consists of manual processes, and even after completing a checklist to account for all of your organization's IT assets, there still is a lingering question on whether or not every single device has been accounted for. Unmanaged equipment like IoT devices are especially difficult to discover because many of these devices use hardware manufactured by companies that are different from the company that has packaged and sold the device itself.

IoT Solutions

  • Our IoT Secure solutions can accurately identify all of your unmanaged devices, their operating systems, as well as any vulnerabilities that may be present on those devices.
  • We provide your organization a continuous asset inventory capability, which means that any additional devices connecting to your network will be detected and accounted for automatically, so you don't have to go chasing to find them.
  • Through our cloud analytics portal, we provide you complete visibility of your asset inventory and control of any device on your network through our Block and SmartBlock features.


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is here, and the increased production and growth in adoption of IIoT devices has increased at a pace that necessitates a need to address OT security immediately but in a way that is different from past approaches.  The convergence of the IT and OT landscapes ultimately means greater connections between manufacturing and industrial devices and servers and workstations.  The traditional approach of running software agents and scanning tools run the risk of mishandling proprietary and sensitive data and shutting down OT equipment.

IoT Solutions

  • IoT Secure uses an approach that will ensure that the uptime of your OT equipment is not affected.  Rather than using intrusive scans that would shut down a production floor, we use a low impact surgical approach that accounts for your OT asset inventory and identifies any vulnerabilities that are present on those devices. 
  • IoT Secure also identifies any anomalous activity on your OT assets, alerting you to any activity indicative of data breaches, unauthorized access or ransomware attacks.
  • IoT Secure does not ingest any of the critical network packets being sent back and forth between all of your devices, which means no slowdown to your network and no risk to exposure of your materially sensitive data.


Current scanning like NMAP, Network Access Control (NAC) tools or Vulnerability Scanners fail to identify IoT devices and detect IoT–specific vulnerabilities. NAC solutions in particular fail in providing visibility into unmanaged devices and are not able to provide the needed data for creating effective policies, let alone building those policies.

IoT Solutions

  • IoT Secure leverages 802.1X network access control to give you the capability to create a policy to shut down any open ports that a device on your network should not be using.
  • IoT Secure actively monitors traffic and device behavior to identify anomalies and triggers alerts to your attention, while also providing remediation steps to resolve device vulnerabilities. 
  • Our IoT security appliances are far easier, less time intensive, and less costly to your operations in deployment.


Medical care and hospital operations are heavily dependent on IoMT devices. The Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry is unique in that these devices are not just business critical but mission critical, and the compromise of these devices could result in significant penalties and lawsuits, especially with regard to mishandling of PHI. Scanning these devices with traditional scanning solutions would render these devices inoperable, which has significant impact and potential loss in life or limb.

IoT Solutions

  • IoT Secure provides a comprehensive solution unique to HLS by providing a IoMT security solution that does not require an intrusive software agent that digests network packets of sensitive and protected patient information. 
  • IoT Secure's unique scanning capabilities will not shut down or render any mission critical device inoperable during the activity of the scanning.
  • IoT Secure will provide a full asset inventory of all IoMT devices, so that hospital administration not only have visibility of what is occurring on their networks and protect them from malware and ransomware attacks, but they can also account for mission-critical equipment that is not only expensive but difficult not only expensive but difficult to procure.

The IoT SecureTM Difference

Reduce deployment, maintenance, risk & cost

which one is right for you?

IoT Max






unit size

2 inch x 2 inch micro-server

1U appliance server

form factor


120V or PoE

rack mounted

redundant power supplies 120/240V

1GB + 10GB fiber connections


proof of concept & SMB deployments

enterprise deployments

number of devices

Up to 10,000

1,000,000 +

user interface

IoT-miniTM FREE – threat check PDF report

IoT-miniTM Pro+ – real-time dashboard

real-time dashboard with full detail, filtering and configuration options

deployment time

5 minutes

1 hour

IoT-miniTM FREE edition & IoT-maxTM features:




IoT-miniTM FREE edition:

  • robust, but limited assessment of one (1) network segment
  •  basic IoT discovery
  • basic IoT identification + categorization
  • basic PortSafeTM IoT vulnerability detection
  • one-time assessment report

Check Image

not applicable

core features:

  • enterprise-wide coverage
  •  advanced IoT discovery advanced oT identification + categorization
  • advanced PortSafeTM IoT vulnerability detection
  • IoT behavior monitoring
  • real-time dashboard & reporting

optional upgrade to IoT-miniTM Pro+

Check Image

advanced features:

  • integration (NAC, SIEM, asset & vulnerability mgmt., ITSM, etc.)
  • automated security policy for device blocking & threat mitigation

Check Image

IoT-miniTM FREE edition:

  • Robust, but limited assessment of one (1) network segment
  • basic IoT discovery
  • basic IoT identification + categorization
  • basic PortSafeTM IoT vulnerability detection
  • one-time assessment report

Not applicable

Core features:

  • enterprise-wide coverage
  • advanced IoT discovery
  • advanced oT identification + categorization
  • advanced PortSafeTM IoT vulnerability detection
  • IoT behavior monitoring
  • real-time dashboard & reporting

Optional upgrade to IoT-miniTM Pro+

Advanced features:

  • Integration (NAC, SIEM, asset & vulnerability mgmt., ITSM, etc.)
  • Automated security policy for device blocking & threat mitigation

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