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Concerned About Sharing Sensitive Data?

That’s Why We Don’t Even Collect It !

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The IoTSecure Difference

Reduce deployment, maintenance, risk & cost

  • No Network TAP Or SPAN Ports
  • No Packet Collection
  • No PCI, PHI Or PII

Concerned About Sharing Sensitive Data?

Reduce deployment, maintenance, risk & cost

By Default:

We Only Collect MAC Address, IP Address, Open Ports And Hostname.

This Information Would Be Useless To A Malicious Actor Unless They Had Network Access, Which Would Be Easily Obtained With Network Access Anyway.


DNS & DHCP Logs Can Be Collected

Logs Provide Increased Device Profiling Efficacy Across All Subnets And Locations + Enable Automated Behavior Monitoring & Anomaly Detection At The Device Level (No Tuning Required).

  • True Multi-Tenant Platform Ensures That Customer Data Is Never Comingled.
  • All Customer Data Is Encrypted In Transit And At Rest Following Best Practices Guidelines For Industry Standard Compliance Requirements.
  • Data Is Stored In A Geographic Region Of The Customer’s Choosing.
  • All Customer Data Is Stored On Physical Servers Owned And Managed By IoTSecure For Complete Control.
  • Client Accounts Are Identified By Number Only, There Is No Identifying Information About The Client.
  • Physical And Logical Security Processes And Controls Are In Place, Along With Layered Network Protections And Continuous Monitoring Which Includes Unauthorized Access Attempts.

Compliance Standards & Regulations

IoTSecure uses Tier 3/4 data centers with certifications

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