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Make IRS 1075 Compliance Easier!

Make IRS 1075 Compliance Easier!

If you are a tax preparer, vendor, or tax auditor that handles any information from the United States Internal Revenue Service, especially federal tax data, then IRS 1075 compliance is a must.

In pursuit of helping you gain and maintain compliance, the IRS put out the 1075 publication. The publication lays out the framework of compliance regulations that ensure federal tax information (also knowns as FTI) is treated with adequate security controls to protect data confidentiality.

While this is a commonsense approach, it sounds pretty simple on the surface. But, the IRS 1075 brings forth a complex set of managerial, operational, and technical security controls that must be constantly followed to maintain ongoing compliance.

Because of the 1075 requirements, ANY organization that processes or stores FTI must prove they are appropriately protecting that data. It is also important to note that Federal, State, country, and local entities – including any contractors they employ – are in the scope of 1075 requirements.

The modern corporate network is chocked full of various devices that handle this sensitive data somehow. These devices are NOT limited to computers and workstations, the things that come to mind when thinking of a network. Instead, the modern network includes many non-traditional and typically unmanaged devices like printers/copiers, SCADA, HVAC, IoT, and any other connected devices that don’t run security agents as workstations and servers do. According to IRS 1075 requirements, you should monitor ALL these devices through automated means.

IoTSecure will help you ensure you are compliant with these critical controls our solutions provide:

  • Information Flow Enforcement
  • Access Control via Observability of IoT Assets Connected to the Network
  • Visibility of ALL Assets Handling Federal Tax Information
  • Asset Monitoring and Asset Visibility
  • Auditor-Ready Report in the Event of an IRS 1075 Audit

Learn more about how IoT-mini FREE version can help you meet the requirements out of the box.

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