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What Is the Internet of Things?

What Is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things or IoT is one of the fastest growing segments of the IT space. Every minute 127 new connected devices are unleashed upon the world and consumers happily buy them up and plug them into their networks. But how many of you really know what the Internet of Things is?

IoT does not differ much from traditional endpoints. You know, the devices that come to mind when “endpoints” are mentioned. Things like laptops, desktops, servers, the kind of IT hardware that has been around for decades.

IoT devices are still connected to the network and in most cases the internet. IoT devices still have processors, software, protocols, services, updates, passwords, and communicate on the network just like any other endpoint.

The main, and key, difference between a traditional endpoint and an IoT device is all about device storage and customization. Connected devices like Smart TVs and Infusion Pumps usually don’t have extra storage to install software security agents. Devices that can have storage added still almost never have a mechanism to run any 3rd party applications, let alone security agents that need administrative access to do their jobs.

Traditional IT has had decades longer to mature, the first networked computers went online in late 1969. All the most the popular operating systems have endpoint security tools baked into them. In addition to this there are countless effective and useful third-party security tools that are incredibly good at protecting these expected, and traditional systems.

IoT and other connected devices don’t work the same way as these traditional systems so vulnerability scanners and patch management simply don’t work. Traditional security mechanisms rely on agents, administrative access, and processing power that IoT devices simply can’t accommodate.

These security systems quickly fall apart when IoT devices are introduced into the picture. The agents can’t be installed. Central device management systems can’t manage IoT and connected devices. Anti-virus and endpoint protection doesn’t even work on these devices. Meaning that most organizations simply exclude their IoT from vulnerability scanners, and patching and inventory is only done when they “have the time” which anyone in I.T. can tell you will never happen.

IoTSecure Can Help!

This is where IoTSecure comes in. With our IoT Security Appliances we can inventory and manage any connected devices without any software agents or network TAP/SPAN ports. No more unmanaged Shadow IT on your network just waiting to be found by attackers.

Learn more about the technical details of the IoTSAs (both the IoT-mini™ and the IoT-max™) in our Technical Overview Videos. Or read about them on our main website.

To learn more right now and to request your own FREE IoT-mini go here. In less than 5-minutes you can have an IoT-mini sent to you so you can validate our claims for yourself, and secure those pesky IoT devices.

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