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Weekly IoT Worries-Insecure Ecosystem Interfaces

Weekly IoT Worries: Insecure Ecosystem Interfaces

Insecure ecosystem interfaces include a plethora of interface methods that reside inside the ecosystem but outside of the devices themselves that allow unauthorized access to a connected device or its related components. These interfaces include web interfaces, backend APIs, cloud connections, and mobile interfaces. Commonly found issues include; ineffective authentication/authorization, weak or no encryption, as well as poorly executed input/output filtering.

A strong authentication and authorization mechanism is the only solution that can be put in place to mitigate insecure web interfaces, backend APIs, and cloud or mobile interfaces within the IoT ecosystem. Unfortunately, most devices in use today do not effectively employ these protections and leave millions of devices vulnerable to attack from malicious actors.

While Several solutions exist that can help safeguard the identity of IoT devices, these solutions must consider the fragile and sensitive nature of these endpoints. An effective device identity mechanism will – whenever a server communicates with an IoT device – be able to differentiate between a valid endpoint and a rogue one by forcing the endpoint to authenticate itself. In addition, the IoTSecure IoTSA can help you keep accurate inventories, identify these devices and ensure that only authorized communications can be sent to or from any devices monitored and protected by the IoTSecure solution.

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