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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is here, and the increased production and growth in adoption of IIoT devices has increased at a pace that necessitates a need to address OT security immediately but in a way that is different from past approaches. The convergence of the IT and OT landscapes ultimately means greater connections between manufacturing and industrial devices and servers and workstations.  The traditional approach of running software agents and scanning tools run the risk of mishandling proprietary and sensitive data and shutting down OT equipment.

IoT Solutions

  • IoTSecure uses an approach that will ensure that the uptime of your OT equipment is not affected. Rather than using intrusive scans that would shut down a production floor, we use a low impact surgical approach that accounts for your OT asset inventory and identifies any vulnerabilities that are present on those devices. 
  • IoTSecure also identifies any anomalous activity on your OT assets, alerting you to any activity indicative of data breaches, unauthorized access or ransomware attacks.
  • IoTSecure does not ingest any of the critical network packets being sent back and forth between all of your devices, which means no slowdown to your network and no risk to exposure of your materially sensitive data.

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