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IoT News Weekly – May 27, 2022

IoT News Weekly – May 27, 2022

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In this week’s IoT News: IoT Manufacturing is approaching a market cap of over a $200billion, Thales is making 5g connectivity easier for IoT, Malaysia is all-in on IoT and AI to help farmers, Russian Hackers are using IoT Botnets to spread disinformation, Researchers figured out how to get a Tesla for free (if your willing to steal it), IoT Devices are conscripted into a massive DDoS botnet, and finally today we’ll discuss how researchers at CMU want to help protect you from hidden cameras and devices.
IoT manufacturing estimates are todays first story. According to a new report from IoT manufacturing is expected to grow to $200.3 billion by 2030. With the 2021 market estimated to be worth just over $62 billion the market for IoT manufacturing is expected to more than double by 2030.
smart city and wireless communication network, abstract image visual, internet of thingsIn other news IoT maker Thales announced a new 5G IoT modem that will make IoT connectivitiy simpler as well as allow networks to be spread across larger geographic areas without the need for internet or network connections. Thales has specifically designed their new card to make it simple for IoT manufacturers to incorporate 5G connectivity into their future IoT devices. Thales has also added robust networking and security features to their Cinterion MV32 5G cards that will help to protect and connect the next generation of IoT.
Kombain collects on the wheat crop. Agricultural machinery in the field. Grain harvest.
In Malaysia, the Technology and innovation minister, Dr. Adham Baba, announced a new program to help local farmers improve their yields with the assistance of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies through collaborations with private and government agencies in the small country. Dr. Adham also went on to say that the ministry has plans around several technologies that farmers can use. With those that are related to climate independence of particular importance so that farmers can know what to do when farming during drought or excessively rainy seasons.

In Hacker and Security related news the Russian IoT Botnet known as “Fronton” has proven to be a state-run campaign that is specifically designed to use infected IoT devices to run their social media disinformation campaigns. The existence of Fronton was known publicly in March of 2020 when a Russian hacker group who call themselves “Digital Revolution” released documents they claim to have obtained from an FSB subcractor, a company known as Zeroday Technologies.
TESLA BLEIn other security news, Security Researchers at the NCC Group have developed a tool that is capable of performing a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) relay attack that can bypass existing protections in place to authenticate on target devices. BLE is used in many products today including Laptops, mobile phones, smartlocks, and access control systems of all kinds. Of particular interest is that the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y use this technology to unlock and start their cars. Security researchers at the NCC group developed a tool that let them bypass the authentication controls and with an unauthorized device unlock, start, and drive away in a Tesla.
Abstract Internet BackgroundXorDDoS (zor de dos), a Linux based trojan-horse malware, has surged in popularity in the last six months. The malware is not necessarily new, as it was originally found in 2014. But according to  the Microsoft 365 Defender Team, they have seen a 254% increase in malicious activity against Linux-based endpoints, using the XorDDoS (zor de dos) malware, in the last six months. The malware is designed to quietly infect hosts running Linux, which includes the majority of IoT Devices. Infected endpoints will become part of the much larger botnet that is then used to perform distributed denial-of-service attacks.
CCTV CameraFinally today, Secret and hidden cameras and unknown IoT devices collecting personal data has grown into a real problem today. A group of researchers at Carnegie Melon University created a new augmented reality app that works on any device with a camera to find and alert on any hidden cameras or other data-collecting devices in hotel rooms, AirBnBs, and other rentals. The system, which the researchers have dubbed Lumos, will let anyone find hidden devices before the devices have a chance to send data to snoopers.
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