Weekly IoT Worries-Insecure Data Transfer and Storage - IoT Secure

Weekly IoT Worries-Insecure Data Transfer and Storage

Weekly IoT Worries - WK2-1

Weekly IoT Worries:
Insecure Data Transfer and Storage.

Many connected devices and IoT lack methods to encrypt data or control access to sensitive data throughout the devices ecosystem. The lack of protection affects all types of data processed by these insecure devices, including data-at-rest, data-in-transit, and even during processing. Many connected devices process, transmit and store sensitive, identifiable, or protected information. The lack of robust data encryption means data can often be accessed by unauthorized parties posing a significant risk to the organization and anyone who has data about them on these devices.

The defense and safe use of IoT data – whether in transit or at rest – is a key tenant to maintaining the reliability and integrity of IoT devices and applications. In addition, the data these devices collect is used for automated decision-making controls within the IoT ecosystem that can have significant physical implications and data leakage issues.

All data processed in any way by your IoT devices or their ecosystems need to be effectively protected. The simplest method to eradicate this issue would be to ensure strong encryption is used throughout the IoT data lifecycle. In addition, adaptive identity and access controls will ensure that IoT data is protected from compromises and breaches.

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