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Everyone thinks about the security of their website and their servers that hold their
sensitive and critical information. Not everyone is so quick to consider the
environmental controls of their commercial or hospital building. Most large building
have complex HVAC systems that are controlled by connected systems and devices.
Depending on the age of the building and how recently the system has been
upgraded these environmental controls are at risk of attack from malicious actors.Does your building have elevators or entry control systems? All of these systems are controlled by similarly vulnerable devices that if left unprotected have the potential to result in a litany of worrying results. The hack that hit Target in 2013
began in their industrial control systems for their HVAC. Last summer Ripple20 was
introduced, which is a suite of 19 vulnerabilities that are very common in IoT in
general. This is just a taste of what threatens the ICS in your building(s).Since we have established that any connected device has the potential to be attacked, ensuring they are tested and monitored for vulnerabilities and abnormal
behavior is the best way to keep your office temperate and safe. In an office it
means uncomfortable temperatures for employees and customers which can effect
a lot of aspects of a business. In a healthcare setting the HVAC may very well have
an impact on the health of the patients as the environmental controls affect
quarantine and surgery room very negatively.

How IoT Secure Can Help with ICS Control Risks

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