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Accelerate Network Segmentation


Medical care and hospital operations are heavily dependent on IoMT devices. The Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry is unique in that these devices are not just business critical but mission critical, and the compromise of these devices could result in significant penalties and lawsuits, especially with regard to mishandling of PHI. Scanning these devices with traditional scanning solutions would render these devices inoperable, which has significant impact and potential loss in life or limb.

IoT Solutions

  • IoT Secure provides a comprehensive solution unique to HLS by providing a IoMT security solution that does not require an intrusive software agent that digests network packets of sensitive and protected patient information. 
  • IoT Secure’s unique scanning capabilities will not shut down or render any mission critical device inoperable during the activity of the scanning.
  • IoT Secure will provide a full asset inventory of all IoMT devices, so that hospital administration not only have visibility of what is occurring on their networks and protect them from malware and ransomware attacks, but they can also account for mission-critical equipment that is not only expensive but difficult not only expensive but difficult to procure.

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