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Asset Inventory  


Asset inventory is a constant struggle for many organizations. Inventorying assets consists of manual processes, and even after completing a checklist to account for all of your organization’s IT assets, there still is a lingering question on whether or not every single device has been accounted for. Unmanaged equipment like IoT devices are especially difficult to discover because many of these devices use hardware manufactured by companies that are different from the company that has packaged and sold the device itself.

IoT Solutions

  • Our IoT Secure solutions can accurately identify all of your unmanaged devices, their operating systems, as well as any vulnerabilities that may be present on those devices.
  • We provide your organization a continuous asset inventory capability, which means that any additional devices connecting to your network will be detected and accounted for automatically, so you don’t have to go chasing to find them.
  • Through our cloud analytics portal, we provide you complete visibility of your asset inventory and control of any device on your network through our Block and SmartBlock features.

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